Hello, my name is Osama Khan.
I love data and believe in its power to disrupt!

Finance & Energy

Data Science
& Analytics

High-end, Full-Stack &
Scalable Engineering

I craft analytical apps that help decision makers get the right insights at the right time by leveraging cutting-edge open source technologies and create back-end systems which help developers/analysts consume public data from emerging markets in their apps/models.

Data Science is my calling (or at least that's what is keeping me running these days). After having worked with the Business Intelligence team for an FMCG, on M&A transactions in the oil sector and getting relevant corporate experience; I feel data is my calling and that I can use my understanding of data science and experience from the Energy and Finance industries to disrupt them in emerging markets.
Let's re-engineer them.

Why emerging markets? Headcount is sweet. This huge headcount adopts technology rapidly. Internet and mobile penetration are high. Data is static and trapped in PDFs maintained on static sites run by regulators. Decision makers want to make data-driven decisions. Young developers and business analysts have amazing ideas but cannot execute due to non-existent dynamic+consumable data sources.
Let's super-charge them.

Some open source projects I love.

I live in the ad·ven·tur·ous city of Karachi

Feel free to touch base if you share an interest in
disrupting the Finance & Energy industries
of emerging markets with data science.